The Country Wife- Mr. Pinchwife

  • Created by: Isabella
  • Created on: 24-04-13 15:45



  • Jealous
  • Violent
  • Sexist
  • Desperate NOT to be cuckolded
  • Defending his sister's honour
  • Former whore
  • Horner's friend, knows his reputation
  • Stereotypical jealous husband- does not want to be cuckolded
  • Violent- threatens to kill Horner and his wife
  • Threatens to write "whore" on Margery's forhead
  • Sexist- refers to his wife as baggage
  • His jealously blinds him and makes him foolish- falls for Lucy and Margery's tricks
  • Foil to care free Horner

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Slightly jealous husband
  • Develops into overly jealous violent man
  • Cares less about who his sister marries
  • Married Mrs. P because he didn't want a "town whore"
  • Does not want to be cuckolded because he believes Margery belongs to him
  • Takes advantage of her stupidity (or supposed stupidity) to keep her locked up


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