Country Wife- Characters and Themes

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  • Does not seem to be jealous
  • But he is the person people are jealous of


  • Part of this- he is sleeping with women who are concerned with their honour, making them hypocritical


  • Horner relies on this to cuckold people- he fools Sir Jaspar Fidget so he can sleep with Lady Fidget.
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Mr. Pinchwife


  • Epitome of this
  • Stereotypical jealous husband
  • Violent tendencies because of this
  • His jealously can blind him and make him oblivious
  • Jealous of Horner


  • To some extent
  • Horner describes him as a "whoremaster"- means he likely cuckolded men
  • Now he is trying to prevent this from happening to him


  • This is his fault
  • He jealously blinds him and makes him foolish, such as not seeing that "Alithea" was his wife
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  • To some extent
  • He is jealous of Sparkish, because of his relationship with Alithea
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Mrs Pinchwife


  • Subject to her husband's intense jealously
  • Threatened by his jealously


  • Epitome of this early on
  • Does not hide her affection for Horner (at first) from her violent, jealous husband
  • Fails to understand Horner's secret, almost reveals it
  • Is easily tempted by Horner
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  • Dislikes jealously, because of her brother's intense jealously
  • Why she is marrying Sparkish, at first, because he does not jealous (this ability annyos her later)

Foolishness- averts this, and is one the smartest women in the play.

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Lady Fidget


  • Jealous of the other woman Horner is with


  • Epitome of this
  • Wants her honour and virtue to remain intact
  • But sleeps with Horner, and others (then her husband, Sir Fidget)
  • Hypocritical of others who also do this

Averts foolish and is quite clever, though is so she can get away with sleeping around.

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  • Tries not to be jealous- wants to be a wit
  • But it is obvious he is envious of Horner/Harcourt,who are both wits, wealthy and "free"- not engaged
  • Also seems jealous when Alithea and Horner are briefly engaged


  • Foolish in his attempts to be a wit
  • Fails to see the spark between Harcourt and Alithea
  • Fails to see that Harcourt is pretending to be a parson
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