Performance directions Act 1

Davoren: Or when sweet summer's ardent arms outspread
Sitting with his elbow on the table, twiddling his pencil, with his brow furrowed in thought
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Seumas: Yus!
Rolls over from front to side
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Seumas: The way these oul' ones bawl at a body
Muttering to himself in annoyance
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Davoren: It's quite plain I'm not going to get much quietness in this house
Slams pencil down on table
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Davoren: Give you a rap?
Raises eyebrows and gives a little laugh at Seumas's hypocrisy
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Seumas: There's no fear of you thinking of anyone else when you're at your poetry
Speaks quietly, through gritted teeth, and then spits out the word "poetry" in contempt
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"With a movement of annoyance, he takes them off and puts them the right way on"
Seumas gives a loud sigh
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Seumas: I suppose Maguire has come and gone?
Looks at his watch and then back up at Davoren
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Seumas: Did anyone ever see the like of the Irish people?
Snorts in derision
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Seumas: Have everything packed and ready
High-pitched, nasal voice;mocking Maguire
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Seumas: Oh Kathleen Ni Houlian, your way's a thorny way (1st time)
Sighs wistfully
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Davoren: Ah me, alas, pain, pain ever, for ever!
Quietly, to himself
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Davoren: He flung a few stones through stained glass windows
Interrupting Seumas as he thinks he knows what Seumas is going to say
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Davoren: And you actually rejoice...
Raises eyebrows, speaks in a high-pitched voice to convey shock
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Seumas: I rejoice in the vindication of the Church and Truth
Sanctimoniously, i.e. slowly and enunciating every word
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Davoren: ...torture your body in this
Turns back to poetry
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Seumas: Oh, I gave meself a great rub yesterday
Nods emphatically
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Seumas: They're well worth sixpence each
Smiles proudly
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Seumas: three, six, nine - damn it, there's only eleven in this one...
Becomes increasingly flustered, therefore speaks faster and faster, and begins to blush
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Seumas: He's almost too lazy to wash himself
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Seumas: This is a nice nine o'clock!
Shouting at Maguire, Maguire trying to interrupt but Seumas is speaking too quicklyt
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Seumas: He's almost too lazy to wash himself
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Seumas: This is a nice nine o'clock!
Shouting at Maguire, Maguire trying to interrupt but Seumas is speaking too quicklyt
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Maguire: Business, business. I'm going out to catch butterflies.
Maguire waves Seumas away and pauses to think before saying "catch butterflies". He then goes to leave but Seumas catches his arm roughly.
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Maguire: I'll leave this bag here till this evening.
Maguire pats the bag and smiles.
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Seumas: Oh this is a hopeless country...
Throws his hands up in despair; speaks the line with increasing volume and speed
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Seumas: make a joke about it!
Raises his eyebrows and gives a false smile in sarcasm
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Seumas: Well I hope he'll have a happy day in Knocksedan
Drops down heavily onto the bed in exasperation
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Landlord: You'll shut no door till you've heard what I've got to say
Standing in the doorway; speaks slowly and clearly to come across as calm and measured
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Landlord: Maybe you thought I was going to ask you to come to tea
Gives a short, ironic laugh
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Landlord: You don't like the idea of being asked to pay your just and lawful debts
Pushes his way back into the room, causing Seumas to stumble and drop the door
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Landlord: I'm not going to take any lessons from you
Looks around the room at the mess, not at Seumas
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Seumas: I want to have no more talk with you Mr Mulligan
Opens the door for Mulligan to leave
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Seumas: I don't care a damn if it was marked down in green, white and yellow
After this line, Seumas coughs and gestures to the door, implying he wants Mulligan to leave
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Landlord: It'd be fitter for you to be less funny an' stop trying to be billickin' honest and respectable people
Turns and faces Seumas directly, but makes no move to leave
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Davoren: For goodness's sake, bring the man in...
Looks up from poetry and rolls eyes at Seumas's behaviour
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Seumas: I'll write as often as I like, when I like and how I like
Straightens posture and widens stance in belligerence
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Seumas: I'll go when I like etc.
Seumas growls the first time he says this. The Landlord then smiles sarcastically at Seumas before turning to go. Seumas then shouts "I'll go when I like", the Landlord speaks without turning around and Seumas crosses his arms in defiance.
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Seumas: It's nothing when you're used to it
Rolls eyes and shakes head in mild annoyance
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Davoren: Got the wind up about me!
Has been pacing (stage directions) - now he stops and turns to face Seumas
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Seumas: Oh just shove them up on the mantelpiece
Without looking at Davoren, Seumas gestures in the vague direction of the fireplace
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Seumas: I'll get me own back on that oul' Mulligan yet...
Growling to himself
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Davoren: Oh, Donal Og O'Davoren, your way's a thorny way
Stage directions say "with self-pity", so he gives a heavy, melodramatic sigh
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Minnie: Oh it's alright Mr Davoren, you'll do just as well
Speaks in a high-pitched, bright voice, with a broad smile
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Minnie: D'ye not?
Raises the pitch of her voice and also raises eyebrows in mild surprise
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Minnie: You've said it, Mr Davoren
Before this, she should pause slightly and frown in confusion as she "never heard of Orpheus", before continuing just as brightly as before
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Minnie: Poor man, it killed him in the long run
Shakes head and smiles sadly at the ground
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Minnie: A lovely poem on Ireland and the men o' 98
Smiles reverently and gazes slightly beyond Davoren
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Davoren: Oh we;ve had enough of poems, Minnie, about '98 and of Ireland too.
Speaks in a low vocal pitch and slow tempo to sound grave.
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Davoren: Those aren't Shields's, they're mine
Minnie steps back and blushes in embarrassment, and starts to stammer an apology
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Minnie: Oh be the way you don't know
Laughs coyly - flirting
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Davoren: Know? I'm sure I don't know
Speaks slowly, with brows furrowed in confusion
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Minnie: It doesn't matter anyhow
Sighs and shrugs, then looks away
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Davoren: Know her, know whom?
Exasperatedly shakes head and spreads hands
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Minnie: Her whose hand was clasped in yours, an' yours was clasped in hers.
Slowly looks back towards Davoren
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Davoren: you, for instance
Slowly, hesitantly - unsure whether this is too far
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Davoren: That may be, but all the poets aren't fond of girls
Shrugs indifferently
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Davoren: You are a very charming little girl indeed
Moves closer to Minnie
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Minnie: Then if I'm a charming little girl, you ought to be able to write a poem about me
Emphasises "charming little girl", then raises eyebrows and nudges Davoren playfully
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Davoren: And so I will, so I will Minnie
Looks into Minnie's eyes earnestly
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Minnie: Ah I knew you had one
Slides off table and turns away in disappointment
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Raises eyebrows and gives a little laugh at Seumas's hypocrisy


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