Science vs Religion

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Science vs Religion


  • Science is a gift from God
  • Every advance in Science is also an advance for Religion
  • Two compatible things can explain the same phenomenon
  • Science & religion should not compete but rather respect each other.
  • Abraham taught his followers to ask questions & to challenge others intellectually
  • Both Religion & Science can become very dangerous of put in naive hands
  • Both science and religion try to answer ultimate questions in life
  • Fossils placed on earth by God as a test of faith


  • Science takes things apart whilst Religion puts it back together - Science asks questions whilst Religion fills in the gaps
  • Science is impersonal - it can't figure out how the self-conscience is formed unlike Religion can
  • Religion = who did it / Science = how its done
  • Religion is misinterpreted & stereotyped in the modern world - it is under threat by modern scientists
  • Key to Science - entering it with an open mind & questioning everything
  • Do you know something because of evidence, or is it because it comes from a 'trusted' authority figure?
  • Religion = why we were made - the point/ Science = how we were made - the evidence
  • Science made it so that God was no longer regarded as immanent or the controller of everything
  • Absolute (fixed) Vs Evolving (change)
  • Evolving truth - changes as information & circumstances change
  • Scientific theories make people question the accuracy of the Holy book
  • If the creation story is all lies then it may weaken someones relationship with God

Overall comparison

Both Science and Religion crossover continuously but still are on two separate wavelengths and, overall, have too many collisions in ideologies.


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