"Religious season are no longer relevant in today's society"- Do you agree or disagree?

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"Religious season are no longer relevant in today's society"- Do you agree or disagree?


  • Society is becoming more secular and people are becoming less obedient in following religious calendars.
  • Moral relativism- People can decide for themselves whether they thing an event should be celebrated or not, it is not up to the Church to dictate what must be celebrated.
  • Multiculturalism- There are so many different religions with different religious calendars, people celebrate some seasons regardless of their religion e.g. Christmas.
  • 'The mass is the source and summit of Catholic worship' therefore, as long as we celebrate mass, religious seasons are irrelevant


  • 'The truth is still the truth even if nobody believes it, and a lie is still a lie even if everyone beliefs it' -The past should still be celebrated even if not everyone agrees with it
  • 'Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of christ"- We are taught about the doctrine of atonement, therefore, by not celebrating Easter, it would be disregarding the fact that Jesus dies to save us from eternal sin and death.
  • Lent- encourages fasting and being charitable which is a good Christian lifestyle. Therefore, it is an important season as it makes people reflect on their behaviour and attitudes.
  • Pentecost- The birthday of the Church. When the apostles first began to preach and baptise people as Christians


Religious seasons are relevant as we are celebrating significant landmarks in Christian history


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