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Christianity GCSE Revision




Internal features of a church


State two internal features of a church building (2)

  • Altar
  • Communion table
  • Pulpit
  • Lectern
  • Font
  • Baptistery


State one religious act that takes place at the altar in a church. (1)

·        Eucharist/Holy Communion/ Mass

·        Marriage

·        Confirmation

·        Ordination

What is the name given to the table on which the bread and wine are placed? (1)

·        Altar/ Communion table

Which service would take place around the font? (1)

·        Baptism

The font is usually found at the entrance to a church. Why is this? (2)

·        Traditionally, the font has been placed just inside the door of a church, at the back of the church – as a symbol of the belief that baptism is the door into Church membership.

Why is the pulpit an important part of a church or chapel? (1)

·        This raised platform is found at the front of the church.  It is from this that the sermon is delivered from the priest.  Its high position emphasises that the preaching of God’s word is above everyone else’s.


What is communion table used for? (1)

  • In non-conformist churches this replaces the altar at the front of the congregation.  The Breaking of the Bread takes place at this table.


What is a lectern? (2)

  • A reading desk; desk from which the Bible is read during a church service.  There is usually an eagle attached to the front of the lectern to symbolise God’s word spreading all over the world.


What is a church? (1)

·        A place of worship for Christians also refers to a community of Christians.

Why are some churches called Cathedrals? (1)

·        Church which contains the throne of the Bishop, mother church


Explain the importance of one feature of a church building. (2)

·        Refer to any of the notes above on one of the following internal features: font, pulpit, lectern, altar or communion table

Explain how the most important items of furniture (e.g. altar, font) in a church or chapel are used in Christian worship. (8)

  • Refer to notes above on the font, lectern, pulpit and communion table, and;
  • The Altar is considered the most important item of furniture in a conformist church.  It is the holy table from where the bread and wine used in Holy Communion (Mass/Eucharist) are blessed and offered up to God.  It represents the table which Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples.  It faces east – a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus is the rising sun – which shows he is the light of the world.


‘A Christian must attend church or chapel to worship God’. Do you agree? (6)


  • Christianity is a communal faith; the Christian is a member of the body of Christ and so needs to meet with other members.  The place to do that is the church.
  • The church


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