Pros and cons of globalisation.


Pros and cons of globalisation.


  • Inward investment  of transnational companies - improves economy and provides jobs.
  • Can improve distant communication and inform others of current affairs, e.g. The BT tower and BBC offices.
  • Interconnected world by transport - e.g. London airport.
  • Bank of England - allows foreign currency exchange.


  • Unfair employment - can be put in unfair, illegal positions or given low pay.
  • Bigger chains can drive smaller chains out of business.
  • Threat to diversity, e.g. Odeon and Cineworld having films that are mostly/all produced in US/UK instead of China and India.
  • Immigration - can be other countries isolated and lonely with less people.
  • Pollution - plastic disposal in river Thames as well as high gas emissions.


The benefits of globalisation in London include inward investment of transnational companies such as McDonald's, Starbucks and Yankee candle coming from the US into The UK as well as Nando's from Portugal. Globalisation also means countries are interconnected as tourists/immigrants can visit/move from one country to another via transport such as the London airport. Interconnection also means technology and communications can provide information on current affairs and personal matters like BT and the BBC as well as foreign currency being exchanged via the Bank of England.However, globalisation does have its consequences - one being bigger chains driving smaller chains out of business as well providing unfair, even illegal guideline for their employees as well as minimum wage (or less!). Not only that but transport can also lead to more people from other countries moving, making their homelands smaller and isolated. Globalisation can also be a threat to diversity as many films in cinemas can be only featured by the US/UK instead of India or China.Furthermore, pollution is also a big issue - plastic being disposed in the river Thames, littering on streets and high gas emissions from factories leave London a mess!


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