Globalisation impacts

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Pros and Cons of globalisation

Improving quality of life:

+TNC's and globalised industries have generated millions of new jobs in NICs and LDCs 

- Alot of these workers are exploited and have to work long hours in dangerous conditons for little pay. 

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Pros and Cons of globalisation

Economy and Employment- 

+ Labour is cheaper in developing countries, supplying to consumers in MEDCs 

- This is a negative for LICs because their workers rights are exploited

(long hours, low wages, sweat shop conditions)

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Pros and Cons of globalisation


+ People across the world are more aware of different religions and cultures and are more excepting. 

+ New types of food have been introduced such as Chinese and Idian cusine. 

- Companies influence how people think on issues and aided in the change of tradition in some cultures. 

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Pros and Cons of globalisation


+Globalisation has allowed the world to become more interconnected meaning issues such as global warming can be adressed globally- COP21 (2015)

- The increase in trade has added to poulltion through the transport used 

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Pros and Cons of globalisation


+ There had been an expansion of international political organisations, such as the EU 

+ Some global trade barriers, like tariffs and quotas, have been removed. 

- Governments can lose the ability to control events in their own country, due to TNCs and political organisations gaining power. 

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