UNIT 4 geographical research

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  • UNIT 4 geographical research
    • Cultural Diversity
      • Pros
        • It will improve my human side of geography which I am weak at already
        • new knowlegde
        • Character building
      • Cons
        • I am not hugely interested in the topic of cultural diversity
        • Not alot in dorset
        • Not taught it before
        • Not as much info
      • 3/10
    • Tectonic activity
      • Pros
        • I wish to do a purely physical geography degree at degree level
        • I feel comfortable in the unit and enquiry questions taht are being asked
        • Large amounts of info available
      • Cons
        • I already know some of the information and will have to adapt what I already know which may be difficult
        • I am not very good at memorising key facts and figures
      • 8/10


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