Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment


  • Contraceptive pills reduce the size of families which reduces poverty as a result.
  • The contraceptive pill stops unwanted pregnancy.
  • Fertility drugs can help infertile couples who are having IVF.
  • IVF helps couples to have a baby.


  • The contraceptive pill has side effects.
  • Some people object to it for ethical or religious reasons.
  • IVF can be very expensive.
  • In IVF extra embryos produced are destroyed.
  • Some people think that it is unethical for women to have older babies.


There are many disadvantages and advantages for taking hormones it depends on the use of the hormone and the type of lifestyle you lead as to whether it would be suitable or something you agree with, however, hormones can be a very effective solution to fertility problems or preventing pregnancy.


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