Country Wife- Horner

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  • Womaniser
  • High society
  • Well known for sex
  • Hypocritical of others
  • Pretending to be ******
  • Has complete faith in himself
  • Likes making asides
  • Main plot line- Protagnist
  • Has some involvement in all plots
  • 1st: Pretending to be ******, so he can sleep with women, tricking them successfully
  • 2nd: Convinces Margery Pinchwife that he loves her; gets her to deceive her husband, so he sleep with her
  • 3rd: Limited, but likes Alithea and Harcourt together, pleased for his friend

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • None- if anything, he becomes more confident as his plan works
  • Origin of name= Horner, representative of the horns which are associated with being cuckolded


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