Factors Affecting Performance & Participation in Sport

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Schools must teach PE within the National Curriculum, and there are a number of roles that a student can experience in PE: performer, official, coach, observer, captain, leader, organiser, choreographer. Each can benefit the individual participating and the others around them.

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Sport Organisation

Sport Organisation

A number of organisations have responsibility for sport and these bothshape and respond to changing trends.

Sport England: devices strategies to raise standards of performance, develops sports at grass root level, disributes National Lottery funds, runs 'Centres of Excellence' 

Governing Bodies: run coaching courses and specific training, set and interpret rules and provide officiating, support their sport with talent development, provide competition

Local Authorities: manage sport centres, encourage sports development, liase with other organisations to provide facilities for coaching and competition.

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Social Groupings

Social Groupings

Peers- if they enjoy and play a sport, you may join in but if they don't share your interest they can encourage you to give up the sport.

Family- an interest in specific sports will encourage participation, inherited ability may help you to to be successful. they provide good role models, but they may influence you towards their prefered sport instead of yours, and it may be hard for you to gain suuport.

Gender- boys find it easier to access sport, and women are now active in developing women-only gyms and teams which encourages participaton, but some people may expect you to conform to stereotypical behaviour. support for women is still limited in some areas.

Race- cultural influence encourages participation, as some ethnic groups have a particular interest in certain sports, but racist attitudes may still make participation uncomfortable.

Socioeconomic- all sports are available if you can afford them, but sports can require a large investment which can be a problem for those with little money.

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