Influences on your lifestyle

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People influence the physical activity you do:

Support from your family:

  • Parents can encourage their children to exercise and take up sports
  • Some activities need special clothing or equipment e.g. fencing. It's usually parents who fork out the cash
  • Many children cant easily get to and from their sporting activities. They often rely on their parents to get them there.

Peer Pressure:

  • Most peopl have a group of friends they spend most of their free time with. This group of friends is their peer group
  • The attitudes of your friends will probably influence whether you like sport, and the sports you play. If all your mates play and like football, chances are you will like and play football. If your mates think that sport is rubbish and dont play it, you'll play less sport

Role models:

  • People who excel in their sport can become role models and inspire people to be like them. This…


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