Women and Work

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  • Women and Work
    • Pre/Early 20c
      • Only single women or widows could access the labour market
      • WW1 1914-18 helped women access paid work
        • But 1929 depression but a brake on growth of working women
    • Second Republic 1931-1939
      • Question over Spain's identity and women's role within it
        • "esta nocion de ciudadania incorpora las multiples identidades de las mujeres y las convierte en figuras indispensables de la nacion" Blanco 2009
      • 1931 new working rights for married women
      • 1932 women could join associaciones obreras without husband's permission
    • Civil War 1936-1939
      • Women worked in fields, factories, nursing
        • Carmen Baroja
          • War allows her to enter spheres that were previously men-only
        • "en el caso de la profesion de enfermera, preferimos mujeres de figura picnica" Vallejo Najera 1938
      • Seccion Feminina extension of domestic role of women to public sphere
      • Mujeres Libres worked in schools, ran newspaper, ran literacy programs, training for nurses
    • Franco 1939-1975
      • Married women banned from working
      • Many working class prostitutes - hunger and poverty after war
        • allowed until 1956
      • Ley 1961 equal working rights
        • Excluded from army, air force, marines, "peligroso o insalubre"
        • Entitled to any working contract
      • Sent back to domestic sphere - felicidad domestica
        • Gloria in Nada
    • Transition 1975-1992
      • El pacto del olvido - loss of previous work and progress forgotten
        • Alberdi "la sociedad es asi por naturaleza" doesn't know about time when women did male jobs (born 1946)
      • Constitution 1978 - 35.1 "todos los espanoles tienen el deber de trabajar y el derecho al trabajo, a la libre eleccion de profesion o oficio"
    • Beyond the Transition 1992-
      • 1995 EU plan IV equality of opportunities - reconciliation of professional and family life, shared responsibility at work and in home
      • Ley Organica 1/2004 methods of protection against gender violence
        • But article 1 only mentions conyuges - domestc?
      • Ley Organica 3/2007 - "la desigualdad en el ambito especifico de las relaciones laborles"
        • Public and private sectors


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