Lazarillo de Tormes

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the Blind Man the Curate the Squire & the AP- main characs guilty to sin of Pride

Lazarillo is also at the end

a third master prove worse than the first two, he would indeed perish.' Tractado Tercero functions as a vehicle to portray the Squire as an incarnation of the capital sin of pride,2 as a "journey-within-a-journey" for Lazarillo, and as Lazarillo's "descent into Hell," from which he will ascend through the remaining four tractados to his "buen puerto" of Tractado S6ptimo.

 The theme of "the descent into Hell" will serve a similar function in Tractado Tercero. It is appropriate that Lazarillo's descent be made in the tractado which deals with the capital sin of pride, which is the most serious of all the capital sins and which was therefore placed at the base of the Purgatorial Mountain by Dante, together with the other two sins of love perverted: Envy, and Wrath. Lazarillo is later guilty of pride in Tractado…


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