Witness Credibility (SVA and Free Narrative Interview)

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  • Witness Credibility
    • Deception
      • fabrication of false information and concealment of true info
    • Free Narrative Interview
      • Qualitatively Richer
      • Older Children = More Credible, Younger limited by ability
    • Statement Validity Assessment
      • (sva) assesses credibility
        • Case File Analysis
          • Semi-structured Interview
            • Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA)
              • Validity Checklist
                • EVALUATION
                  • Low Ecological Validity (film, mock theft); significant differences in ratings of true/conflab, good inter-rater reliability
                • Takes into account other factors and standardises CBCA
                  • Psychologicaland Interview Characteristics, Motivation, Investigative Questions
              • more points = more truthful
                • not suitable for court evidence - high error rate and disputed method
              • cognitive (13) and motivational (18) factors influence scores (kohnken 2004; stellar and kohnken, 1989)
                • Logical Structure; Unstructured Production; Quantity of Details
                • SPECIFIC CONTENTS
                  • Contextual Embedding; Interaction Descriptions; Conversation Reproduction; Unexpected Complications
                  • PECULIARITIES IN CONTENT
                    • Unusual Details; Superflous Details (not related to act); accurately reported details misunderstood; related external associations; accounts of subjective mental state; attribution of perpetrator's mental state
                      • Spontaneous Corrections; Admitting Lack of Memory; Raising Doubts about One's Own Testimony; Self-deprication; Pardoning the Perpetrator
                      • OFFENCE-SPECIFIC ELEMENTS
                        • Details Characteristics of Event
            • basis for CBCA, child's account of incident
              • requires skills and knowledge
              • difficult due to child's lack of verbal/ cognitive skills
          • info about child (age, ability, relationships to accused), nature of event, statements


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