Rufus's attitude towards the Church

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  • Williams attitude towards the church
    • Rufus used religions houses to extract the geld which was used to finance all manner of things (mostly fighting wars
      • Rufus was unlike his father (William the conqueror) as Rufus did not give back to the church.
        • Rufus was only interested in the Church if it suited his needs
        • Rufus expected money and advice from churchmen
    • Rufus gave out eight promotions and only gave them out if it benefit him
      • Four individuals associated with the church and what the did
        • Herbert Losinga- Paid Rufus 1000 marks for becoming Bishop of Thereford (1091)
        • When Wulfstan of Worcester died (1095) Rufus extracted payments from his tenants
        • Ranulf Flambard collected from such sources on behalf of the King.
          • Made Bishop of Durham after paying 1000 marks for the honor.


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