the search for a settlement 1646-47

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  • The search of a settlement, 1646-47
    • The Newcastle Propositions 1646
      • Charles in custody of the Scots. Political Presbyterians settlement.
      • Parliament would nominate key officers. Parliament would control the militia for 20 years. Bishops would be abolished, and a presbyterian church for three years. Charles to sign the covenant. peace treaty with Ireland to be annulled. 58 royalists exempt from pardon.
    • Charles' attitude towards the peace treaty
      • Believed if he accepted them then he would lose his 'conscience, crown and honour'.
    • Charles was handed to the English when it was clear that neither the Scots nor parliament could achieve a peace treaty.
    • Charles' response
      • Delayed his answer as long as possible in the hope that divisions among his enemies would increase.
      • Would give up militia for 10 years, and presbyterian church for 5, if Anglican Church would be restored. Would not take the covenant personally.
      • Proposed assembly of 20 presbyterians, 20 independents, 20 of his own ministers.


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