James I and the Puritans

James I and the Puritans. Some of the events that occurred in James' early reign because of Puritanism - AS level History AQA

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  • The Millenary Petition, 1603
    • This was a document that wanted to see an improvement in clerical standards and changed in the style of worship
      • James responded to the petition by announcing that he would chair a conference at Hampton Court to discuss Puritan criticisms of the church
        • The Hampton Court Conference, 1604
          • The purpose of the conference was to consider the demand for an end to what were seen as popish ceremonies and to look at wider church issues
            • Puritans felt the church was being violated
          • The conference wasn't successful for Puritans because their demands were dismissed
          • It was decided by James that the bible was to be translated as Puritans claimed that there was corruption in the current version
            • The King James Bible
              • This is now 400 years old
              • James could have considered using the Geneva bible that was translated by English Protestants, but king's were seen as tyrants in the bible
              • Elizabeth had ordered a translation of the Bishop's Bible, this was closest to the political views of James
              • James planned to have 50 translators to write his bible
              • It became the greatest book in England
              • There were inaccuracies in the printing, including in the commands
              • During the civil war, the bible was forgotten as it didn't unite both sides
          • Both bishops and Puritans attended the conference, however the Puritans were pre-selected by the Privy council
          • "NO BISHOPS, NO KING"
    • James and the Puritans
      • The Appointment of Abbot, 1611
        • Abbot was a Calvinist who was sympathetic to the Puritans
        • Religious divisions within the church and practices seemed to have been resolved and accepted until 1618
      • Arminians
        • These were followers of Jacob Arminius, who attacked Calvin's doctrine of pre-destination
        • They tended to believe in the doctrine of free will
        • James' attitude changed towards them because of the practical support it gave him. Arminians upheld royal authority and did not share the irrational hatred of popery
      • The Book of Sports, 1618
        • It was a book that listed the activities considered lawful on Sundays after church
          • It included dancing and archery, but not bull or bear-baiting
        • Anything unserious was distasteful to Puritans
    • The petition had allegedly been signed by 1,000 members of the clergy and was supported by thousands more
    • James banned further petitions


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