Brief William II and the Church mindmap

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  • William II & the Church
    • Anselm
      • Made AB of C by William
        • On deathbed  appointed Anselm to get into heaven
          • As Anselm was most Poous man he knew
          • Except he Rufus didn't die
      • Very spiritual + pious
    • Delayed appointments of Bishops + abbots to vacant posts
      • during which time he took church income from vacant post
    • Lacked personal piety of father
      • sought to maintain royal power over wealth + power of church
      • Rufus did not care about Church as much
        • Cared more about military part of Kingship
    • Sold church offices
      • Simony
      • sold bishopric of Durham to Ranulf Flambard
    • Not favoured by writers of time
      • as these were all church men
        • difficult to receive unbiased view from contemporaries
    • Didn't allow Church councils
      • So Church could not make law
    • Papacy
      • Urban II not recognised by Rufus
        • Until 1095
      • Stringent relationship with Papacy
      • Papal legates could only enter England with royal consent


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