Why was the 1964 civil rights act passed

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  • Why was the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed?
    • NAACP, trade union and churches.
      • They won
      • Lobbied congress incessantly for the Civil Rights Act
      • Long term
    • Johnson
      • Political
      • Pushed the act through with skill and determination
      • He was a non-elected president. He felt a duty to pass it. He recognised his political future could be in doubt.
      • From Texas, therefore he was from a southern background. He could appeal to those from the south who doubted and assert that the act was necassary without being accused of an interferring Northerner
    • Kennedy
      • Johnson thought he wouldn't have to water it down due to sympathy of his death
      • Passing the act seemed like a fitting tribute to him
    • Media image
      • damaged international reputation of being a free equal nation
      • Pressure couldn't be ignorted
      • Birmingham 1963 embarrassed Kennedy and America
      • damaged Kennedy's potential legacy of being a civil rights former
    • Time was right
      • Kennedy's assassination
      • Birmingham consequence
      • March on Washington
    • Social
      • Johnson announced his vision of a 'Great Society'. This was an end to poverty and injustice
    • Republican support
      • Johnson got living ex presidents to sign a statement supporting principles of civil rights
      • Persuaded republican leader to give his support to the bill and deliver republican votes
    • Political
      • Johnson knew who to persuade


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