Events 1963-64.


Sixteenth Street Bombings 1963.

  • A bomb was thrown into a church, 4 girls were killed and 22 people injured - Robert Chambress.
  • The church was a well known meeting place for civil rights movements and leaders - thought it would have a big effect.
  • Civil rights act in 64.
  • Person who planted the bomb wasn't prosecuted.
  • Lots of media attention gained because of the innocent children murdered.
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Lemuel Penn 1964.

  • Killed by a member of the KKK 9 days after the Civil Rights Act was passed.
  • He was a war veteran driving home and was shot in the back of his car.
  • The KKK murdered him because he was black.
  • It was a retalliation against Johnson and wanted to promote the fact that the KKK still existed and won't back down.
  • Members of the KKK were arrested.
  • Uncovered the brutal truth of the group.
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Viola 1965.

  • Murdered by the KKK because she agreed with civil rights from a young age.
  • She was active in the NAACP but was shot in the car with her friend.
  • The KKK targeted her because she was fighting for black and white equality.
  • They knew she was active in helping the blacks and involved in the movement.
  • 2 members were charged and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
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Freedom Summer 1964.

  • Campaign for the black vote.
  • Lots of violence from racists and the police.
  • 3 volunteers were murdered.
  • National outrage.
  • Arrested men but weren't prosecuted because there wasn't enough evidence.
  • Federal conspiracy charges.
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