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  • Served in the US Army 1941-45.
  • Elected to House of Representatives 1946.
  • Elected to Senate 1952.
  • Elected President in 1960 - first Catholic.
  • Inauguration Address 20th Jan 1961:
    • Challenged the people of the United States with the statement - "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country"
  • Social policies:
    • Medicare: National Health Care
      • 60 day hospital care.
      • Health coverage for people over 60.
    • Medicare was popular with the Trade Unions movement but was vigorously opposed by principle insurance companies.
    • The American Medial Association also against it - example of socialism. 
    • Kennedy was unable to persuade Congress to pass the bill.
  • Civil Rights:
    • In the…


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