First English Civil War timeline 1642-1649

Medium-detail timeline of the First English Civil War (briefly covers 2nd Civil War)

Red = battle

Green = peace effort

Purple = key event

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First English Civil War
August ­ King raises his standard at Nottingham
23rd October ­ EDGEHILL
Inconclusive first major battle of war
Edgehill ­ both sides wanted decisive battle to bring war to speedy end. King
needed a quick victory before Parliament could mobilize its resources. Prince
Rupert commanded Royalists, Earl of Essex commanded Parliament's army (had
helped command Charles' army in First Bishops War.) ­ Wanted to bar royalist
path to London. At first the battle went badly for Parliament, but in the end it was
Men fled, others chased
At the end, 3,000 had died, many others wounded
Next day, neither side was fit to fight. King resumed march towards London and
established HQ in Oxford.
November ­ Battle of Turnham Green
December ­ Parliament open peace negotiations
February ­ `Oxford Treaty' negotiations begin (collapse in April)
Renewed attempts at negotiated peace due to Parliaments lackluster performance
at Edgehill (as well as general revulsion at war)
Mild version of the 19 Propositions
Charles declared whoever had drawn them up only wanted `to make things worse'
­ incensed Pym and Parliament
Royalist start winning by summer. Parliament facing crisis of confidence.
By the end of June, whole of Yorkshire and most of South-West in Royalist hands
August ­ Solemn League and Covenant
Pym's final contribution to war effort
Parliament allies with Scotland
Alters dynamics politically and militarily
September ­ Charles signed Cessation Treaty with Irish rebels
January ­ Scottish army of 21,000 men crossed border into England ­ first
objective = take Newcastle, then York
Irish troops began appearing in England and Wales
July ­ Battle of Marston Moor
First decisive victory for Parliament ­ virtually destroyed Royalist power in the
October ­ Second Battle of Newbury

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Brought crisis of confidence in Parliamentary leadership to a head.…read more

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October ­ New Model Army presents `The Case of the Army Truly Stated'
October ­ PUTNEY DEBATES (Agreement of the People)
November ­ Charles escapes to Isle of Wight
December ­ Charles signs the ENGAGEMENT with the Scots
December ­ FOUR BILLS
April-August = 2nd Civil War
Rebellions in South Wales, Kent & Essex
July ­ Scottish Army invades England
August ­ Battle of Preston
Scots defeated ­ vote of no addresses revoked
November ­ `Treaty of Newport'…read more


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