Paper 2 (section B) unit 2.5

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  • Why did Hitler order the Night of the Long Knives?
    • He did not want the socialists to take control. He wanted a right wing dictatorship
    • He needed the support of the army for his plans for war and knew that the generals would not accept Roehm as their leader
    • Hitler had to act before President Hindenburg died
      • It would be very difficult to deny Roehm power when Hitler became Fuhrer.
    • Roehm claimed that the SA was growing rapidly
      • He put the membership at 3,000,000. Although it was probably nearer 500,000
    • Roehm ordered all the members of the SA to go on holiday for the month of July 1934 and summoned the leaders to Munich for a conference
    • On the night of 30th June 1934, 400 SA leaders, including Roehm were assassinated by the ** on Hitler's orders.
      • They also murdered General Kurt von Schleicher and his wife.


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