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Different ways of winning the vote:
Peaceful methods:
Propaganda ­ both the suffragists and suffragettes made effective use of propaganda. The WSPU
had a newspaper called `votes for women'. By 1914 it had a circulation of 40,000. Suffragettes used
their slogan `votes for women' and their colours (purple, white and…

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because it punished the women several times over. It was still passed though, by 296 votes to 43. In
1913 Emmeline was in and out of prison 12 times.

The reaction of the press:
Some newspapers like the times were totally against the idea of women having the vote. It…

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- Millicent Fawcett supported the war effort saying in august 1914 `women your country needs you'
- however she opposed conscription and the giving of white flowers
- they set up an employment register in 1915 and recruited a lot of women to replace the men who

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being `flighty' and not responsible enough to have the vote. Also the conservatives opposed the
idea of young women voting as they were worried young working class women would vote labour.

Britain during the First World War
On Monday the 4th of august 1914, Britain declared war on Germany


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