Why did America enter WW1?

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  • Why did America enter WW1?
    • many believed America should only enter foreign affairs if it threatened American trade or security
    • when Germany invaded Belgium, there were reports of violence against the people, increased anti-German feeling
    • 1915, German U-Boats sunk passenger liner RMS Lusitania, this caused more anti-German feeling
    • Dec 1916, the British government sent a secret report to the USA saying that the British government was bankrupt and they would not be able to continue the war unless the USA joined
    • Feb 1917, Russian Revolution and the downfall of the Tsar meant joining the Allies would be a fight for democracy
    • decisive event=Zimmerman Telegram, proposing German support for Mexico against the USA
    • BBBDZ
      • Belgium, Boat, British, Revolution, Zimmerman


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