Key personalities of The Conservatives in Power 1951-64

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The Conservatives in Power 1951-64
Key personalities:
Admitted Britain's time had gone at the end of his time in office
Struggled to understand what people wanted and that America would be the dominant
nation of the future
Member of the pre-war conservative government
Served under Churchill during the war as Foreign minister
When he got into power he was past his prime
Chancellor of the exchequer
Introduced the education act during the war
Persuaded the party to accept the mixed economy with both private and state owned
Adopted to Keynesian economic policies and followed the main economic plans of the Labour
From a very wealthy family
Soldier in WW1
Half Scottish and half American
Committed Britain to entering Europe and to colonial independence
Supported the USA in the cold war
Could be ruthless as in 1962 when he sacked half his cabinet


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