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Recap Timeline

1919: Congress refuses to join league.

1920: Republican Warren Harding elected as President.

1928: Herbert Hoover - new President.

1929: Wall Street Crash

1930: Franklin Roosevelt elected.

1939: WW2 begins in Europe.

1941: America joins the War.
5 reasons for the boom:

Industrial Strength
World War 1

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These new methods bough an enormous boom in consumer goods - telephones, radios, vacuum
Big industries used sophisticated sales and marketing techniques to get people to buy their
Mass nationwide advertising.
By now - pay later schemes.
In 1929, 4.8 million cars were made.
In America, cars were…

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During the 1920's, movies became multi-billion dollar businesses. Estimated 100 million tickets
were sold each week.

The Experience of black people

Blacks could not vote, denied access to good jobs.
Some whites set up an organisation called the Klu Klux Klan which used violence to intimidate the
The KKK…

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Weakness in the US Economy: Overproduction where Americans made more than they could sell.
Europe could not afford American goods after tariffs.

The consequence of the Wall Street Crash

The rich lost the most because they invested the most.
Many borrowed money in order to buy shares which were now…

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The Second New Deal

Measures during the 100 days had an immediate effect.
It restored confidence in the Government.
Due to urgency, Roosevelt got his measures through Congress quickly.
He called the living and working conditions, the 'forgotten men'

Opposition to the New Deal

His Republican opposition criticised the cost…




This is amazing!!! Please do more of these for the USA and Britain 1920 - 1970

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