The Role of America in post-war peace settlement and its retreat into isolationism

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The Role of America in post-war peace
settlement and its retreat into
By the time the First World War came to an end in November 1918, the United States had
committed approximately 4.8 million men to the Allied cause. The final loss of lives
amounted to 112,000 people.
The Versailles Peace Treaty
o A just peace
o Tough enough to please the electors who wanted to make Germany pay
o But would leave Germany strong enough to trade
Because Britain took a lot of damage, but wanted to trade with Germany
Prime Minister Lloyd-George believed the treaty was too harsh
British Public through it was fine
o Revenge
o To punish Germany
o Regain Alsace Lorraine
o Independence for Rhineland
o Huge reparations
o To disband Germany's army
Because they took most of the damage of WWI
France didn't want a League of Nations
They believed that the treaty wasn't harsh enough
o End of the war
o Ensure Germany wasn't destroyed or blamed for the war
o Wilson 14 points in the treaty
Because America was not that involved with the war until the last year of it
Wilsons 14 points were barely included
Wilson Peace Programme
Wilson had begun his preparations for peace 11 months before the war ended
His proposals were issued on the 8th January 1918,in the form of Fourteen Points
Points 1-5, dealt with general principles of international conduct between nations
Points 6-13, were concerned with specific problems including claims made by Russia, Italy
and France
His 14th point was the creation of the League of Nations
1. No more secret agreements ("Open covenants openly arrived at")
2. Free navigation of all seas

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An end to all economic barriers between countries
4. Countries to reduce weapon numbers
5. All decisions regarding the colonies should be impartial
6. The German Army is to be removed from Russia. Russia should be left to develop her own
political set-up
7. Belgium should be independent like before the war
8. France should be fully liberated and allowed to recover Alsace-Lorraine
9. All Italians are to be allowed to live in Italy.…read more

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The main outcome of the war for America, was making it rich
o They did this by supplying food and raw materials to Europe and by
stealing Europe's trade to India and Canada
o They didn't want to waste this money by solving other countries problems,
in the league of nations
Woodrow Wilson couldn't participate in the next election due to a stroke
o This meant James Cox stood for president for the democrats
o lowering the democrats already dwindling popularity
100 000 American soldiers…read more

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Immigration Policy
After WW1 there was a rethink of the open door policy, because of the war and an
increased feeling of nationalism
Also many feared that immigrants threatened their jobs and political beliefs such
as communism
Sacco and Vanzetti
o Immigrants from Italy who had openly criticised the American government
o It was believed they murdered some guards in an armed robbery, they had
a track record and witnesses against them
o However the witnesses were confused and they had alibis
o They were…read more


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