Why it is important to take part in electoral and democratic processes

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  • Why is it important to take part in electoral and democratic processes
    • National government sets rate of tax and collects the taxes
    • Local councillors set level of council tax which everyone pays according to the value of their home
    • European parliament has some control over EU spending which affects how much tax the UK government needs to collect
    • National government will pass laws that will affect our lives. Voting in elections gives us a chance to affect these laws
    • National government is responsible for police, prison services, immigration, armed forces, schools, NHS, social security and pensions
      • Voting gives us the chance to say how these things are run.
    • Local councils are responsible for collecting rubbish leisure and culture services, trading standards, social and housing services, maintaining roads, footpaths and street lighting in out areas
      • By voting in local elections we can affect the decisions the councillors take
    • People fought to electoral and democratic rights
    • Countries where people do not have these rights usually do not treat their citizens well
      • If we do not vote a small percentage of the population could votes for a person who took away our rights and treated us badly.


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