Rights and Responsibilities

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The Bible - Question

What is The Bible?

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The Bible - Answer

The Bible is the holy book for Christians.

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Church - Question

What is the Church?

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Church - Answer

The community of Christians ( with a small c it means the Christia place of worship.)

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Conscience - Question

What is your concience?

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Conscience - Answer

Your conscience is the inner feeling of what is right or wrong in a situation.

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Decalouge - Question

What is the Decalouge?

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Decalouge - Answer

The Decalouge is the ten commandments.

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Democratic Processes - Question

What are Democratic Processes?

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Democratic Processes - Answer

The ways in which all citizens can take part in government (usualy through elections.)

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Electoral Processes - Question

What are electoral processes?

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Electoral Processes - Answer

Electoral Processes are the ways in which voting is organised.

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Golden Rule - Question

What is the Golden Rule?

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Golden Rule - Answer

The Golden Rule is the teaching (that Jesus said) you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

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Human Rights - Question

What are Human Rights?

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Political Party - Question

What is a political Party?

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