RS Unit 8 1.8 Democracy Powerpoint

Section 1.8, Why is it important to take in democratic and electral processes?

Created this powerpoint as part of my individual study. It contains compressed notes from the textbook, key words and easy-to-read slides, summary and learning outcomes.

Hope it helps! 

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Key Words
Democratic processes: the ways in which
citizens can take part in government (usually
through election)
Electoral processes: the ways in which voting is
Political party: a group that tries to be elected
into power on the basis of its policies e.g
Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat…read more

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Democracy in the UK
· UK is a representative democracy (governed
by an elected parliament).
· Ultimately we vote on who we want to
represent us and make important decisions
for us.…read more

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When do we vote?
· Democracy means that all 18+ British Citizens
can help decide how the country is going to be
· Every 5 years a general election is held where
people vote for the political party that will
form the next government.…read more

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3 Main Political Parties
In a general election, each party puts forwards to the people, its
own views on what it would do if it were elected to power.…read more

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Why is it important to vote?
· Politics affects every single person in the UK
and in everything we do.
· The people we vote for will be responsible to
control things like tax, benefits, education,
healthcare, human rights etc.
· Having a democracy means that people can
change their minds if they are not happy with
the current party in charge.…read more

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Taking Part
· Contact local MP
· Lobbying (trying to influence decisions made
by the government) privately or publicly.
· Become member of political party
(work/campaign for them)
· Stand for election…read more

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