Rights and responsibility

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  • Rights and responsibility
    • Key Words
      • Bible
      • Church
        • A place of worship, where a community of Christians go
      • Conscience
        • An inner feeling of doing something right of wrong
      • Situation Ethics
      • Electoral system/Processes
        • The way which voting is organised
      • Proportional Representation
        • The voting system where the amount of votes you collect, is the amount of seats distributed to each party
      • National Government
        • The government which is led by the prime minister, governs the whole county
      • Local Government
        • The local council which looks after local issues
      • Decalogue
        • The ten commandments
      • Golden Rule
        • The teaching of Jesus, you must treat others the way you would like to be treated
      • Democratic Processes
        • Ways in which citizens can take part in government
      • Pressure Group
        • A group created to inform the government policy on a particular issue
      • Social Change
        • They ways which society is changing and has changed
    • Some people interpret the bible in different ways therefore there is no clear right way.
    • Human Rights in the UK
      • Tony Nicolson had Locked in Sydorm and wanted his wife to kill him, but because he was from the UK he had a right to life So his wife would have been accused of his murder
        • Sanity of life
      • Freedom of speech
      • They were created to give people fundamental rights and freedoms
      • Treating everyone the same
        • Man is made in the image of God
      • Some Christians do not agree with civil partnerships
      • Some are also against interfaith marriages
      • Some may disagree with a right to life, if a woman has been ***** and she wanted to have an abortion this would be going against the law
    • Electoral and Democratic
      • A good democracy will listen to everyone, make the process easy to understand, male and female, doesn't change their mind
      • Vote in secret because you can be manipulated because of different opinions
      • It is important to vote because everyone has the right to vote, we are free and should take advantage of it
        • The more people vote, the fairer the outcome will be and we wouldn't be living on what the rest of the population wanted
          • However if you don't vote you can't complain because your vote could have made a difference
            • Not all countries have a democracy and their citizens have no say on how they would like the country to be ran
    • Genetic Engineering
      • The deliberate alteration of a person by changing or destroying parts of human genetics make up in the embryonic stages of life in order to prevent disabilities in human beings
      • Gene Therapy
        • enables change to be made to cells that pass on defective information from one generation to the next allowing permanent changes
      • PGD
        • Removes defective genes from embryos so women risk passing disease so they can then pass on healthy babies
      • Stem cell research is the most recent type of genetic research
        • Lets people choose the characteristics of their baby
        • Illegal in USA but legal here
        • Christians believe in sanity of life so if embryos are killed to save others it is the lesser of 2 evils
        • Improve Quality of life
        • God has made everyone in the image of himself
        • Only God has the right to end life


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