What can babies do?

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  • what can babies do?
    • perceptual and cognitive development: babies re mimics; explore; understand that voice should be connected to a body; can see large patterns, shapes and edges (Fantz exp);6 months - can differentiate b/w shapes and colors; 9 mnths - b'w groups of animals ; they like looking at human faces and that too familiar ones;
    • motor development: sit-->crawl-->stand-->walk ; closely tied to maturation - muscular contrl spreads in a cephalocaudal(head to toe) and proximodistal (center to extremes) patterns
    • emotional development: closely tied to maturation - can only express general excitement clearly - basic emotions of anger, fear and joy appear before 2; first split is b/w pleasant & unpleasant emotions ; BUT Izard said most common  infant emotion is interest - so all emotions are hardwired by heredity (smiling helps babies survive by making parents care for them)


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