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  • Abortion
    • For
      • An unwanted child might lead a miserable life
      • The pregnancy may be a result of ****
      • There may be a good medical reason
      • The foetus might by severely handicapped
    • Against
      • Sanctity of life: all life is sacred
      • God has a plan for every life so abortion is interfering with his plans
      • Life begins at fertilization so abortion is murder
      • A method of emergency contraception
    • Definition
      • The premature removal of a foetus from the womb
    • Laws
      • 1967 Abortion Act
        • Permitted if the mother's life is at risk, mother's mental or physical health is at risk, the baby has substantial risk or serious handicap  two doctors agree
      • 1990 Act
        • Added abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy unless mother's life is at risk
    • Time limit
      • Research shows foetus can feel pain from 18 weeks
      • 1000 doctors signed a petition against 24 weeks
      • Some babies born at 21 weeks survive
      • 3/4 of women want a reduction to 20 weeks
    • Vera Drake


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