Substance Misuse

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  • Substance Misuse
    • Cognitive
      • How it starts: not been told bad information about taking drugs so they feel its alright to take them.
      • Treating: CBT, change the way they feel about substances, change to negative
      • Preventing: give negative info about side effects etc to balance out thoughts
    • Social
      • Why it starts: in group, out group, identify themselves with that group so start using substaces
      • Treating: removing from that social situation
      • Prevent: stop people from joining the gropu to start with
    • Psychological dependency
      • satisfaction and desireresults in an individual having to maintain drug use to produce pleasure and becomes central to the users routine making withdrawl difficult due to habit
    • Biological
      • How it starts: nature, inherit an addictive personality more likely to get addicted. Nurture: mother uses substances whilst pregnant so baby is addicted when born
      • Treating: Detox, use other drugs, drug replacement therapy
      • Preventing: no way to prevent
    • Health
      • Study of how our physical and mental health can be assesed
      • Develops understanding of what causes bad and good health from C,S,B perspectives since health is a state of physical, mental  and social well being
      • Use this understanding to promote good health
      • E.g explore how changing thoughtsabout drugsthrough campaigns such as Talk To Frank can prevent substance misuse (cognitive)
    • Substance misuse
      • intake of drugs in quantities that are potentially damaging to  physical or mental health, which could affect work and family life, e.h alcohol and nicotine
    • Synapse
      • tiny gaps between neaurons that neurotransmitters pass across, enabling chemical communications between neurons
    • Tolerance
      • individual is physically dependent on a drug and has to take increasing amounts in order to achieve the effects they did at the start. Occurs with many drugs including alcohol. Resultof down regulation or an increase in enzymes in the liver which break down drug molecules
    • Physical dependence
      • compulsion keep taking drugs because a change in neurochemistry of brain. result in body needing drug to feel normal, experiences tolerance and withdrawal e.g craving
    • Withdrawal
      • unpleasent physical side effects experienced by a physically dependent drug useras the effects of the drug wears off. are generally the opposite of the effect pf the drug and can include vomitting, shaking, depression and headache


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