Problems Rural Areas Face

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  • What Problems Do Rural Areas Face?
    • Job Losses - Machines are used instead of humans/ Food is imported from abroad because it is cheaper.
  • Decline In Services - If places are shut down people will want to move away from the area.
  • Young people leave the area for more opportunities i.e better paid jobs in urbanised areas.
  • Villages turn into 'ghost villages' - they have empty houses due to holiday homes, house prices increase etc making people move out of the area for cheaper properties.
  • Because most young people have left the rural areas, there will be very few or even no children in a village, meaning very small schools and class sizes could effect a child's upbringing i.e making a vast amount of friends.
  • Old people wont be unable to access services i.e doctors, supermarkets for food and they will not be able to shop online for food due to the lack of broadband and knowledge on how to do so.


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