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Changing Urban Environments
-To revise the main concepts in the
sustainable urban environments
-To consider other ways of revising…read more

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Knowledge Checklist
· Know the different pace and cause of urbanisation in rich and poor
parts of the world
· Know the different parts of a city
Urban Problems:
­ Know the issues of the increased need for housing
­ Know the impact of Government strategies to improve the inner city
­ The impact of traffic and the solutions
­ Know how to improve the image and environment of the CBD
­ Know how to support the multicultural nature of urban areas
· Know what squatter settlements are like and life in them
· Know how squatter settlements can be improved
· Know the effects of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation
· Know the issues of waste disposal, are and water pollution
· Know how cities can become sustainable
Case studies: Squatter Settlement= Kibera, Kenya, Sustainable urban living= Curitiba, BedZed
Name drop examples: Hulme=inner city development, Bull Ring=CBD, Cambridge & London= Transport…read more

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Creating a Minimal Revision Booklet…read more

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Urbanisation- The growth in the proportion of a
country's population living in urban areas
Rich Countries- Rural 1) People more (rural to urban migration)
Urban 2) High birth rate (young people have moved there)
-Industrial & Agricultural
Revolution (18th & 19th C
-Late 20th C people left run
down areas to country and
went to redeveloped areas
Poor Countries- Rural
-Push and Pull
-Shortages of services in
rural areas
-Believe a better standard
to living
-More jobs and
infrastructure…read more

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Parts of a City Suburbs- Housing at
Rural- Urban
Fringe- Edge
Inner City- Around edge of city, cheaper
of city, urban
CBD- Centre, Commercial, CBD, poorer land, commute
and rural
shops, offices, transport quality housing, distance, nice
land use.
systems meet, high land older industrial environment, less
Fewer larger
value, high density buildings, run- pollution & crime
down & new
developments MEDC- Poorer Country
Favelas- Recent,
LEDC- Poorer Country informal, poor
quality…read more

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Issues facing the City
Growing Pop= Need Housing Revitalise the CBD
· Urban renewal schemes: · CBDs can get run down
Government strategy to · Competition of out-of town
invest in houses, services centres
and employment in inner · Need to attract people
city areas Build on the back:
­ Pedestrianising
brown field sites
­ Improving access (transport
and car parks)
· New Towns E.g. Milton ­ Converting areas (Docklands)
­ Improving public areas (Parks
Keynes and Squares
· Bull Ring B'ham…read more

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