Cabout Circus

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  • Cabot Circus
    • About
      • Cabot Circus is Bristol’s largest and most important regeneration project
      • Will provide around 1 million sq. ft. of retail and leisure space
      • Sustainable
    • Reason
      • 1998  shopping mall Cribbs Causeway was built. Caused donut effect as big name shops moved from CBD to Cribbs Causeway. New mall was sustainable, accessible with transport links and free parking. While Broadmead had a poor range of shops and was expensive to park .
    • Change
      • 2008 new mall 'Cabot circus' opened in the CBD again with many major stores like the house of Fraser, and entertainment services to draw people back in to CBD. 270 new homes were also built along with 2600 new car parking spaces.
    • Impacts
      • Jobs
      • Traffic
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