Blackpool - UK Coastal resort

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Reasons for Growth

  • popularity rose when railway was built in the 1840s
    • connected to industrial regions of northern England
    • easier and cheaper for visitors to reach Blackpool
    • influx of settlers caused Blckpool to become a borough in 1876
  • population increase over the years
    • 1881: 14,000
    • 1901: 47,000
    • 1951: 147,000
  • in 1863, North Pier constructed
    • favourite gathering place of upper-class tourists
    • first of three famous piers
  • in 1868, Central Pier constructed
    • contained theatres, assembly rooms
    • open-air dancing for the masses introduced in 1870
  • in 1893, South Pier opened
  • Pleasure Gardens began in 1870s
    • included a lake, theatre, ballroom, race cource, skating rink, aviary and monkey houses and football and cricket grounds
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Reasons for Growth - cont.

  • Winter Gardens opened in 1878
    • featured an indoor promenade and pavillion
    • one novelty ride was the inspiration for the first permanent electric tramway in the UK, the Blackpool Tram
      • operational in 1885
      • first trams, free of charge
      • used for transport of farm aimals and building materials
    • in 1877, while suffering from economic depression, Blackpool Coucil launched a carnival
    • spurred tourism and economic growth, highlighted by Blackpool street lights and Blackpool Illumination
    • more than 100,000 people watched the first show
  • strengthned its entertainment industry in the 1890s with construction of the Opera House in the Winter Gardens Complex and circus and ballroom at the Blackpool Tower, as well as a 220ft Gigantic Wheel, the biggest in the world
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  • growth continuous until 1960, but in decline due to guaranteed sun and warmth from Meditirranean countries for 40 years
  • 1990-1999, visitor numbers dropped from 17 million to 11 million
  • 1,000 hotels ceased trading
  • 300 holiday flat premises closed
  • average hotel occupancy rate as low as 25%
  • by 2000, some bed-and-breakfast prices had fallen to £10 per night
    • left no money for investments or improvements
  • families frightened off by binge-drinking culture of 'stag nights' and 'hen parties'
  • rise in beach and sea water pollution as well as coastal erosion
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Strategies for Problems

  • pulling down old buildings and landscaping car parks
  • in 2006, three of Blackpool's beaches given blue flags for clean water
  • sand extraction reduced further up coast to reduce rate of erosion of beaches
  • 'Blackpool Illuminations' being transformed by £10 million investment
  • more covered areas for tourists to protect themselves from bad weather
  • sandcastle water park
    • new type of tourism
    • more families
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Stategies Effectiveness

  • average occupancy rates in hotels remain below25%
    • will have to rely on day trippers and people who stay for a few nights at best
  • attractions have not changed and limited by its size
    • other coastal resorts tried to attract small businesses, but Blackpool too big and suffers from its image
    • not wealthy
    • high rates of unemployment
    • areas of deprivation
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Plans for Success

  • intoducing super casinos, big rides and extention to airport in 1995 which cost £2 million
  • Transport Minister Norman Baker officially reopened the Blackpool tramway on April 3rd 2012, following 4 year project to revitalize the only traditional tram line in the UK
  • Blackpool Council bought the Tower and Winter Gardens whilst Merlin Entertainment run the Tower with new attractions
    • tower being repainted with observation deck, big walk of faith, a dungeon and a glass sun lounge to be restored
  • Pleasure Beach invested £10 million in Nickolodeon attraction in 2011
  • promenade between North and South Pier almost completely rebuilt with headlands extending it
  • new modern wedding chapel built on promenade close to North Pier with views to sea and Tower
  • Tower Headland opened with a show by Elton John on June 16th 2012
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