Challenges facing Bristol

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  • Challenges facing Bristol
    • Housing
      • Challenges
        • 500+ 3/4 bed houses owned by couples. reluctant to move out
        • South West England has fastest growing council housing waiting lists
          • in past year, 1 house built for every 44 people on list
        • mot expensive place is CBD--less land
          • 0.26 acres sell for £695,000
      • Solutions
        • encourage community to get involved in housing developments
        • More housing will help economy, construction jobs
        • St Pauls Housing Project--provide first homes to migrants
        • Bristol has more than 170 housing support services
    • Ethnic segregation
      • Challenges
        • 16% Bristol population are black
        • conflict between racial/ethnic groups
          • St Pauls riots in 1980s, 130 arrested
        • Lawrence Hill--highest number of Somalis outside London
        • St Pauls and Eastons are most segregated areas
      • Solutions
        • Cheap housing in places other than St Pauls
        • St Pauls--non drinking zones, crackdown on street drinking to decrease violence
    • Traffic
      • Challenges
        • air pollution from engines idling in traffic jams
        • CO2 build up on side of buildings, makes them look dirty
        • rush hour--6am-8am and 5pm-9pm
      • Solutions
        • 2009--bus lanes to encourage public transport
        • fine of £60 if you drive in a bus lane
    • Changes to Bristol CBD
      • flats built where there used to be harbour front, warehouses, industrial sites and factories
      • Cabot Circus in CBD
      • £5 million, 10 year program for revamping docks, used to be used for ship building
      • M Shed--used to be warehouse, now museum of Bristol history


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