Plan for Superpower exam question on importance of factors

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  • Using named examples, assess the relative importance of economic, military, and cultural factors in influencing superpower status
    • Cultural
      • BRICS
        • have more food influence than USA
          • 6 times as many curry restaurants as there are McDonalds
      • TNCs
        • American brands transmit powerful messages
          • american culture has global reach
        • Coca cola - promoting individual equality
          • everyone gets same drink - no matter how rich you are
    • Economic
      • trade
        • Ghana with Eurpoe - Cocoa Beans
        • trade blocs - NAFTA and EU
      • China's investment into Africa
        • 2007 - totaled $30 billion
        • China owns 45% of oilfields in Nigeria
          • making sure they are energy secure
      • Russia - natural resources
        • 2007 - Russian submarines planted 2 flags on Arctic sea bed
          • to claim sovereignty of land
        • cut of gas supply to Ukraine for 3 days in 2007
      • US - Dollars  = global reserve currency
        • key commodities e.g. oil and gold are priced in dollars
          • cheaper for US to buy from other countries
    • Military
      • threats to Russia
        • US wants defence missiles shields in Poland and Czech Republic
        • NATO
          • possibilities of Ukraine joining
          • military alliances between EU countries and USA
      • USA has largest defence budget
        • 2009 - $515.4 billion
      • Rising role of China's military
        • 2.3 million force
    • Introduction
      • Military
        • based upon the number of troops, tanks, war planes, capital ships i.e. aircraft carriers
        • most potent form is nuclear power
      • Economic
        • measured by GDP, number of TNCs and total stock of global currency reserves
      • Cultural
        • 'soft' power
        • the ability to obtain what one wants through co=option and attraction
    • Conclusion
      • Cultural power - least important
        • soft power
        • least influence on other nations
      • Military most important
        • USA has used this to make alliances - NATO
      • Economic important
        • countries will need money to have good military


Mr A Gibson


It is good practice for students to plan their essays - everyone knows this! However, not everyone does... but here is an example you can use for this topic and also replicate the format for others too.

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