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Unit 3 ­ Contested Planet
·21/2 hour exam
·Section A: 5/6 topics examined
(Choose 2x25 marks)
·Section B: Synoptic Investigation
(6th topic making use of synoptic materials
40 marks)…read more

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Topics for Unit 3
*…read more

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The use and management of resources is
a key issue for geography and today's
·Consumption patterns highlight stark
inequalities between regions, countries and
groups of people.
·Many resources are finite, and rising
consumption means that difficult decisions
over the use of resources will have to be
taken more frequently.…read more

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We will investigate:
· The distribution of RESOURCES
· Physical factors that result in this distribution
· How humans utilise these RESOURCES
· The problems of providing RESOURCES to
· The costs of providing RESOURCES to
people…read more

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The future of finite resources
Topic 1 ­ Energy Security
Consider these
What did you learn
at AS that you can
Topic 2 ­ Water Conflicts bring to this
Topic 3 ­ Biodiversity under threat…read more

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Inequality is reflected in consumption patterns
· Large numbers of resources used by SMALL
number of LARGE economies
· Many countries could be said to NOT use
their "fair share" (above or below) ­ so levels
of development and power are important
·Topic 4 ­ Superpower Geographies
·Topic 5 ­ Bridging the Development Gap…read more

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