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G eo Factsheet
September 2001 Number 118

CORAL REEFS ­ Ecosystem in Crisis?
In the year 2000, 10% of the world's coral reefs were either totally dead Many of these uses are conflicting; they are all growing and therefore are
or degraded beyond recovery. Unless action is taken in…

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Coral reefs ­ Ecosystem in Crisis? Geo Factsheet

Exam Hint: Many exam questions require candidates to comment
· Temperature: No reefs develop where the mean annual temperature on the structure and functioning of a chosen named/location
of the water is below 18°C. The best conditions for reef development ecosystem.…

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Coral reefs ­ Ecosystem in Crisis? Geo Factsheet

Fig. 4 The impact of development on a coral reef ecosystem and the vicious circle of reef decline.

Coastal areas attract

Development of urban Clean and beautiful coral reefs Fertile coastal plains Mining of reef for
areas attract fishing and tourism…

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Coral reefs ­ Ecosystem in Crisis? Geo Factsheet

Fig. 5 Human impacts on the reef

Dredging for harbours
Boating - anchoring and marinas Fishing (often over-fishing) which
White sand beach
can damage the reef Lagoon upsets the ecological balance
Coral heads in lagoon
Coastal Reef crest
development which
leads to…

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Coral reefs ­ Ecosystem in Crisis? Geo Factsheet

Case study: Management of the Buccoo Reef and Bon Accord Fig. 7 Annotated sketch map of Buccoo Reef
Lagoon Complex in South West Tobago N
Traditionally use: fishing, tourism (since 1930s). Reef flat Buccoo Reef
Reef extent TOBAGO
1973: It was…


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