True Space

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  • True Space
    • Frames
      • Key frames - this is an editors tool that allows you to edit the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. here values can be set such as lighting on 3D models, these values will be set at the beginning and at the end of an animation. then the software package will automatically interpolate the values creating a smooth effect
    • A commercial computer animatiionn softwarte package that was devloped by Caligari Corporation
      • eventually bought out by Microsoft in 2009
      • includes plug in architectures that allows users to add more to the original package which in return enhances the core package
      • easy to navigate start up interface, makes ot beneficial to new users of the software and allows them to pick it up quickly
    • scripting
      • True space gives the users the opportunity to pick from visual basic scripting or java scripting when using animation tools.
        • Visual basic script is a general purpose, light weight scripting language. it uses a fast interpreter for use in a wide variety of Microsoft environments
        • Java script  is the programming language of HTML and the web but is also another type that can be used in this software package that allows the user to iinclude behaviour into animations.
    • libraries
      • in true space this is the area where all drawings or images can be stored that have been created or imporrted.
    • Modelling and UV Mapping
      • True Space has advanced tools that allow editing on both 3D and 2D mode;s
      • UV mapping allows the user to render 3D models as a 2D image
    • Rendering
      • Truespace offers real time rending for previews but also supports real time for shadows and smoothing for animations that have been created
        • HDRI
        • Caustics
        • Multi pass rendering
        • Hybrid radiosity
        • Ray tracing
        • image based lighting
        • advanced shaders
          • Colour
            • Reflectance
              • Transparency
                • Displacement
                  • Background
                    • Foreground
                      • post processing
    • Tweening
      • the process of moving two images in a smooth transistion is easdy to pcik up with this software as the user interface is easily understandable and can be picked up very quickly
    • Tools
      • Painting/ Drawing
        • Painting and drawing can not only 2D models but can be utilised with 3D animation and object creation
          • you draw in 3D, paint on surfaces, and shape objects like clay,
      • object rotation and editing
        • this can be done by literally clicking on the surface, line or point you want to edit and rotating, scaling or moving it in any way you desire
      • Ray Tracing
        • Ray-Tracing allows you to create completely accurate reflections and refractions---so the glass of water you modeled to sit on top of your newly modeled desk, will reflect an image of the pen you modeled yesterday, which lays in front of the glass
      • Objects
        • With over 600 pre-made objects, trueClips provides you with everything you need to get started in 3D, fast. Simply pick one of the trueClips pre-made 3D objects, import it into the scene you are creating
          • pre-made objects include: people, planes, office equipment, buildings etc
      • Textures
        • hundreds of textures can be applied to objects
      • Object viewer
        • includes an on-line 3D object catalog and image viewer which allow you to quickly and easily locate and view the object you want to select


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