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  • TrueSpace
    • What is it?
      • Truespace was a 3D graphic and animation production software that was used widely in games and film but has officially been discontinued. 
    • Tools
      • Frames
        • A frame is one part of an animation or film. It holds one image or video.
      • Libaries
        •  Libraries in Truespace is where you can store all of your drawings, images that you have imported or created. 
      • Scripts
        • Truespace can use scripting from programs such as Python, Visual Basic, and java script to create graphic images and animations.
      • Animation frames
        • This tool bar gives you many different options about animating your 3D graphic image.
      • Preloaders
        • A preloader is the loading screen before you open up a file. It is used in lots of design software because it takes such a long time to open the file, open the program and also make sure everything you have done in the document is loaded correctly.
      • Layers
        • Truespace uses layers when creating different 3D graphics and images so that each component of the image or graphic can be easily accessed.


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