Transnational corporations - Pharmaceutical corporations

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  • Transnational corporation and globalisation
    • Transnational corporation - Companies that operate in several different countries are called multinational corporations (MNOs) or transnational corporations (TNCs)
    • differences in the availability of capital and costs of labour, land and buildig
    • large companies have a wider choice of location and gov. are keen to attract TNC's
    • Pharmaceutical corporations
      • huge profits
      • products tested on volunteers paid/ unpaid
      • generic/ branded
        • branded - more expensive and knows by name
        • generic - e.g. paracetamol
          • chemical description , mostly prescribed
      • Development
        • most money is spent on developing drugs that with control diseases of affluence
        • patent for 20 years
        • people buy branded (3 x more expensive)
      • Research
        • training for scientists
        • equipment
        • only a few drugs make it which can be a financial disadvantage
        • focus on MEDC's
        • £100,000 a day
      • Managing and Distribution
        • treat symptoms - don't cure
        • targets doctors with marketing, providing samples ad advertising in medical journals
    • GlaxoSmithKline
      • in 2006 , 206 million tablets (HIV treatment) have been shipped to developing countries
      • every hour £300,000 is spent on finding new medicine
      • only industry to tackle the three 'priority' diseases - HIV, TB and Malaria
      • GSK attempted to show that Seroxat worked for depressed children
        • studies have shown that the drug trebles the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviour in depressed children


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