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Glaxo SmithKline
Pharmaceutical Transnational Corporation…read more

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Biggest UK-based research company.
Consumer brands include ribena, aquafresh, Lucozade,
Horlicks etc.
GSK employ over 90,000 people in 144 countries.
Over 15,000 people work in their research teams to
discover new medicines, on which every hour they spend
more than £300,000.
They make almost 4 billion packs of medicines and
healthcare products a year.…read more

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Prevent diseases: one of the world's largest producers of vaccines for
developed and developing countries.
Contribute to scientific understanding by participating in partnerships
that advance knowledge and help future medical advances.
Only company to tackle three `priority' diseases identified by WHO:
HIV/Aids, TB and malaria.
PHASE (personal hygiene and sanitation education) established in
1988 ­ low cost help to reduce diarrhoea related diseases by e.g.
encouraging school children to wash their hands. This programme
reaches over 375,000 children and extended families.
Patent pools for regulated tropical diseases were created containing
over 800 granted or pending patents.
Improving convenience of delivering anti-retroviral therapy developing
molecules that address drug-resistant HIV.…read more

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Mission is to improve quality of human life by enabling people to do
more, feel better and live longer because of the medicines they provide.
They are committed to playing a part in addressing the challenges of
global healthcare, and they believe that being a leader brings
Research and development pipeline focuses on their ability to meet the
patient's needs.
TNCs are the only companies that can help globally where as smaller
companies would struggle to meet the demand of such healthcare
GSK have corporate social responsibility, and are pressured by global
governments to help the poorest countries or else it would be immoral
to sit by and watch people suffer.
GSK are also profit motivated.…read more

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Headquartered in the UK and operations are based in the US,
estimated 7% of the world's pharmaceutical markets.
Working with the poorest countries in the world with the lowest life
PHASE currently operates in 8 countries:
Nicaragua…read more


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