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Health is Better in Wealthier Countries
Health is defined as your physical, mental and social well-being, and the absence of disease
Health varies in different parts of the world
Health is difficult to measure, which makes it difficult to compare the health of people in two
o There are things that you can measure that indicate health
An example of a health indicator is healthy life expectancy ­ the number of
years a child can expect to live in full health without major diseases…read more

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Global Morbidity Patterns are Different Depending on the Type of
Morbidity means illness
Morbidity indicators include:
o Prevalence ­ the total number of cases in a population at a particular time
o Incidence ­ the number of new cases in a population during a particular time frame
These indicators can be used to compare global patterns of illness
Global patterns of morbidity vary depending on the type of disease
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Case Study ­ An Infectious Disease
What is HIV/AIDS?
HIV/AIDS is the human immunodeficiency virus which causes the illness AIDS
It invades the white blood cells in the blood, preventing them from producing antibodies, so
the body becomes a target of everyday infections and cell changes
How is the Virus Spread?
Exchange of bodily fluids during sex
Contaminate needles
Blood transfusions
Mother-to-child during pregnancy
Statistics: Worldwide
More than 34 million people now live with HIV/AIDS; 3.…read more

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The Regional Picture
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South Africa ­ The HIV Positive Muppet
The South African version of the children's educational programme Sesame Street has
introduced an HIV positive character.
The programme, aimed at very young children, wants to show that those living with HIV are
no different to others and should be treated as such.
About one in nine South Africans have the virus, with thousands of children having become
orphans because of the Aids epidemic.…read more

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Impact of HIV/AIDS
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Botswana ­ HIV/AIDS Case Study
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Thailand ­ HIV/AIDS Case Study
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